Coupon Clipping Pays Off

A growing number of smart shoppers spend a lot of time researching and finding the best coupon deals online. They’ve discovered that saving coupons and pairing them with their purchases is a great way to shop for less. However, there are others that do not share that view.

One smart shopper decided to share her story with the naysayers out there that do not believe in clipping coupons. This savvy shopper claims that she once spent about $13,000 dollars a year at her local grocery store. As soon as she found that out, she searched lots of Youtube channels for mone saving tips and she decided to start extreme couponing.

However, thanks to savvy coupon clipping, she saved thousands. She literally reduced her grocery shopping bill by $5,0000. This is an amazing feat and worth a second look.

Her Story

The name of the shopper that saved clipping coupons is Harriet. She has a few ideas that she would like to share with the public. The woman is a very experienced coupon clipper. She always clips the coupons out of the Sunday paper. She really got into collecting coupons when she became unemployed several years ago.

Here is her usual routine: She always scans the Sunday paper for coupons every week, she visits coupon blogs and sites on the Internet looking for the latest coupons. She makes up a meal plan for the entire week, before writing down her grocery list.

Other Points

Other points that led to the huge savings include using her reward card when purchasing groceries. This adds extra savings. The woman also makes a lot of the family meals from scratch instead of purchasing prepackaged meals or pre-cooked meals. Cooking from scratch is far less expensive. Saves more than you might imagine.

Harriet also decided to make many of her purchases at discount stores and to prepare more meatless meals. Opting for other main meal courses that did not require meat.

The hardest part about couponing, is finding the time to clip all those coupons, and visit coupon sites online. You have to take the time to get organized and hit the sales. Combine sales items with coupons for top deals.