First SMILE Vision Correction Procedure for Myopia Performed in the U.S.

First SMILE Vision Correction Procedure for Myopia Performed in the U.S.

SMILE is a modern minimally invasive corneal refractive procedure which was first introduced in 2011. This particular procedure has been performed more than 700, 000 times internationally and it is offered in about six hundred clinics in sixty two countries around the world. In the different clinics and countries it has been performed the procedure has been confirmed to be an effective and safe laser vision correction procedure that is meant for the treatment of nearsightedness which is commonly known as myopia.

Because of the fact that this procedure has been proven to be effective and safe, the U.S. FDA recently approved it to be performed on myopia patients in the U.S. After this recent approval the procedure was first performed to a patient on the U.S on March 3, 2017.

The procedure was performed at the Disher Laser Institute by Jon G. Disler, M.D. of Frames Direct. This first performance of the SMILE on a patient in the U.S has opened a lot of opportunities for many myopia patients. It is a major improvement of the laser vision correction which was last updated in the 1990s. Jim Mazzo who is the Global President Opthalmic Devices for Carl Zeiss Meditec confirms this by stating that surgeons now have more options when it comes to treating patients affected by myopia.

Despite that SMILE was just approved recently in the U.S, it has been gaining popularity in the other parts of the world with the help of the initiative. It is now regarded as one of the most advanced eye surgery technology options when it comes to correction of myopia. The surgeons who perform this procedure are required to only use the VisuMax femtosecond laser from ZEISS since it is the one specially designed to perform the procedure.

After the recent approval by, the procedure is now available in all parts of the U.S therefore giving patients and surgeons with more helpful and effective options. After the FDA approval of the SMILE procedure many recognized and respected doctors have praised the procedure. Some of the things that make this particular modern procedure so popular include that it has minimal invasiveness which means that operations on patients are minimal compared to the past treatments.

The importance of this is that it allows the procedure to be completed within a relatively shorter time compared to other procedures which correct myopia. The fact that invasion is reduced in this particular procedure also ensures that the healing time is reduced where patients can go back to their normal lives within a short time. This particular procedure has also gained popularity because it has been proved to be safe.

The fact that it has been successfully performed on patients on different other parts of the world proves that it is safe and effective. In fact, the FDA was probably waiting to confirm that the procedure meets all the requirements and does not cause any harmful effects. Therefore, since the first SMILE vision correction procedure for myopia has been performed in the U.S with the use of coupons, it is expected that more patients will benefit from the procedure. Besides, patients already have access to Frames Direct promo codes.