Hi! Let me first introduce myself. My name is Dr. Amador. Ever since I was a kid, I really loved science. Even though science has been never “cool” at the time, I had an immense curiosity for it. I would read any books or just about any content that is about science.

I can still remember the time about the show in a cable channel. It was about using forensics to solve crime. I was hooked! It made such an impact that I pursued forensics as a profession. With hard work and dedication, I was already on my way handling forensic cases. In fact, I handled a lot of forensic cases as the years passed by.

Don’t get me wrong, I love forensics, but there is something about it that seemed “detached’ with the human world. Everything was about statistics and results. I’m not sure what it was, but I suddenly craved for that human element. It was at the time that I made a decision to get more involved with the humans, but still allowing that “science interest” inside of me blossom.

I decided to take my studies in human psychology. With the same dedication and hard work, I learned a lot about human psychology and human relationships. The feeling of being able to help a broken relationship is very gratifying for me. Now, I am the founder and director of the LEAP Institute. It is an institute that is aimed at helping people and relationships.

Because of my work as a clinical psychologist and a professor at Columbia University in New York City, I was consulted with a big brand company known as Vitacost.

If you don’t know who Vitacost are, they are a big brand company that mostly sells organic health and grocery products, sports nutrition, supplements and vitamins. I spoke with one of their leaders and it became obvious to me that they are a company that really puts a priority on helping people.

vitacost ashwagandhaThey offered me to do research on Ashwagandha, a popular herbal plant in India. I took that job because of the company’s desire to help people. Ashwagandha has a lot of benefits from stress relief to boosting the immune system. However, my work with Vitacost involves specifically on Ashwagandha’s anti-depressant properties and mood regulation.

My work with Vitacost is largely about research. Hence, I have no control on what they do with the information. Yet, I have this satisfaction that the company already produced an herbal supplement that helps in treating depression. Since it comes from plant extracts, it offers fewer side effects than over the counter drugs.

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Another big research project that I love to mention is for Zenni Optical. They are a big online company that sells eye glasses. My research contributed to one of the most controversial topics in the eye-care industry. Specifically, it was about the negative effects of traditional eyeglasses.

I can really say it made a great impact as Zenni Optical made a new product line that focuses on offering specially designed frames that offsets the negative effects of the traditional eyeglasses.

Zenni Optical Coupons For Cheaper Glasses

xavier 1

A month back I just broke my eye glasses and was checking out online for a really trendy and hip eye optical. After browsing through several websites I finally came across Zenni Optical. I checked out a couple of eyeglasses that they were offering. The one that I really liked together with lenses was priced at $90. Sadly, I could not spare that much for eye spectacles. That’s when I checked out a few websites that offer discounted coupons. Going from one website to another I finally got the Zenni Optical coupon code that I was looking for. I got it from coupons.com. This website gave me an online coupon that provided a flat 10% discount on any eye glass that I shop from the Zenni optical. Using the discount offer from a coupon website is more or less the same. I added my $90 eye glass to the cart. There was an option of, “apply coupon code” right above the total value box. I simply entered the coupon code that I got from coupons.com and clicked on the apply button. The 10% discount was automatically adjusted from the total amount. That meant that the $90 eye glass would now cost me $81 with the shipping. No point for guessing I finally bought those trendy opticals at a much cheaper rate. I doubt, how I would type all this if I hadn’t purchased the spectacles that day.

Current Bargains From Zenni

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Free Extras With All Glasses Purchases

If you avail this coupon you’ll be get some additional benefits on the glasses that you purchase. Some, of these benefits would include, full UV protection, protective case, anti scratch coating, thin and light 1.57 Index single vision lens and also a microfiber cleaning cloth.

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Besides, these two websites, there are other websites too that offer multiple discounts and deals. You can search for such deal sites online. Getting a bargain helped me avail a 10% discount. So, if you are able to get the most appropriate coupon code for yourself then be certain that you will save a couple of bucks with these discounted coupons.

My Experience With ZenniOptical.com

xavier sunglassesThank god! I heard about this place from my sister Georgia, last time when I was planning to buy sunshades, for a road trip and beach vacation. From then, I have been in love with this web store, full of lovely glasses and couldn’t help it buying from here, again and again. I even suggested it to my friend Joanne, and she gifted her spouse a sturdy sports eye gear for his birthday, and later thanked me for introducing her to this amazing optical world. She too has become a regular customer to this web store, just like me and my family.

Made me buy a formal optical too

zenni optical codesActually, when I visited this site for the first time, wasn’t in my plan to shop for a spectacle, and came here just for sunshades. I was just looking for a good shades and the option to convert normal frame into a perfect sunglass, really took me by surprise. I ordered Metal Alloy Spring Hinge Frame with Polarized Magnetic Snap-on Sunlens 584312 for my sunshades, as I was looking a compact one, which has great looks too. The exclusive collection of fashionable glasses here,made me order another spectacle for my office use, and I use it now as well. Stainless Steel Half-Rim Frame with Spring Hinges 161621 was my choice then, and with a formal outlook, it is indeed long-lasting and durable, from my personal experience.

My shopping at Zenni was indeed far better than shopping from a regular real optical shop, which is usually filled with old fashioned spectacles. The wide range of optical collection and detailed information, along with pictures, gives a desirable real store purchasing experience, when shopping at Zenni. It is like, I can’t resist buying glasses here, and whenever a colleague or friend tells me they need any kind of optical, I automatically recommend zennioptical.com.

Truly gives a good first impression

zenni Plastic Full-Rim Frame 279517I feel having a cool eyewear helps to, redefine my personality, and try to stay ahead or in pace with latest trends, as much as I can. I came across Zenni coupon codes, which offer great deal of discounts and is really a boon to anyone, who needs glasses. This is the second time I am shopping from this online vendor and I am happy with the product I chose now as well. I could buy it at a very affordable and cheap rate, with the coupons, provided by this site. I went for a funky purple color frame this time and selected Plastic Full-Rim Frame 279517, for my casual everyday use. I love the rectangular frame, and it gives a young and attractive look, with almost any wardrobe I use. This piece was really lightweight and definitely comfortable to wear, even for longer hours, as said in the product description. I really appreciate the fact that the details and specifications, on this website are apt for the glasses, and I never came across anything to mislead the buyer, like many other portals, over here.

Now, I always keep in touch with the official Zenni website and even subscribed to their newsletters, to get updates and information on latest coupons, so that I can have a great collection of fashionable glasses.